I have been working in Compositing since 2015. I have worked on various 2D, 3D and live-action projects: music videos, TV series (animation and live action), feature films, etc.

For example:
• the music video Adventure of a Lifetime (Coldplay) is a project entirely done in 3D;
• I did VFX Compositing for the third season of the TV series The Bureau (original title: Le Bureau des Légendes), which is live action.
• The feature animation film Un Homme est Mort (A Man is Dead), is a 3D film with a 2D look. The backgrounds were partially done in matte painting, but the majority was 3D geometry put into Nuke, where was made Compositing by its classic way and also by drawing shadows and lights on unfolded textures.

Showreel Animation

Compositing Showreel – VFX

Coldplay: Adventure of a Lifetime

Un Homme Est Mort

Water Lily– Birth of the Lotus

La Violoncelliste

Royal Abyss

Mirette Investigates

Sonic Boom

Best Bugs Forever