Water Lily

Water Lily – Birth of the Lotus is my graduation film made at Supinfocom Rubika; I worked on it with Justine Cunha, Margaux Lahuppe, Pascal Miller, and Clémentine Delcourt. I primarily worked on lighting, rendering and compositing. I also participated in the co-directing, storyboarding, modeling of backgrounds, layout.
Selected for:
– Special Jury Prize at the International Digital Animation Festival 2015 – (Nagoya, Japan)
– Selection at the Kortfilmfestival 2016 – (Leuven, Belgium)
– Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Selection (SICAF) 2016 – (Seoul, Korea)
– Cyber Sousa Xiamen International Animation Festival 2016 – (Xiamen, China)
– The International Festival of Animated Arts “Multivision” 2016 – (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
– The FIFEM International Children’s Film Festival 2016 – (Montreal, Canada)
– Siggraph Asia 2017 – (Bangkok/Thailand)
– Jury Prize at the Court mais Bon 10 Festival 2017 – (Le Puy-en-Velay, France)


Compositing Breakdown